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Second generation official

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官二代 (guān èr dài): governing second generation

Bo Guagua, son of former Chongqing Party Secretary Bo Xilai, is a prime example of the governing second generation.

Just as families hand down wealth from generation to generation, they also pass down the keys to political power.

Bo Guagua, the son of former Chongqing Party Committee Secretary Bo Xilai, epitomizes all that ordinary people disdain about this generation. The younger Bo attended the British public school Harrow, then went on to Oxford, where he threw extravagant parties and arranged for lectures from the likes of Jackie Chan. After his father fell afoul of the Party in spring 2012, Bo Guagua’s lavish lifestyle came under close scrutiny by netizens.

Sometimes the children of officials are referred to as princelings or as members of the Crown Prince Party.

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