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Stable bottom

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稳腚 (wen ding): stable bottom

This sounds the same in Chinese as the word "stability." "Maintaining social stability" has become the overarching goal of the Communist Party. "Social stability" is the rationale under which political dissidents are controlled and the media is censored. According to a translation posted here by China Digital Times, the total amount China spent in 2009 on "social stability" was 514 billion RMB.

Netizens joke that China's leaders' obsession with "social stability" is a just a pretext for insuring the stability of their "bottoms" on their thrones of power. (为什么反对西方式民主呢?关键是西方这种制度要实行多党制和三权鼎立,要是轮流执政了,那坐在权力的宝座上的“腚”不就要被挪动了吗?原来“稳定压倒一切”说穿了就是“稳腚压倒一切”。) A phrase that expresses this sentiment is, "When the officials' bottoms are stable, society is not stable. When the officials' bottoms are not stable, then society is stable!" (官员稳腚了,社会就不稳定了;官员不稳腚了,社会就稳定了!)

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