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Strange sorghum

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怪蜀黍 (guài shǔshǔ) strange sorghum

Notorious “strange uncle” Lin Jiaxiang.

Sounds the same as 怪叔叔 (guài shúshú) or “strange uncle,” Internet slang for “pedophile.” A strange uncle is a man who is sexually interested in young girls who are sometimes called LOLI (after the book Lolita). Another word for “strange uncle” is LOLICON or LOLI控 (LOLI-kòng), Japanese for “one who has a Lolita complex.”

One of China's most notorious strange uncles is Lin Jiaxiang, a man who was ridiculed online after sexually harassing an eleven-year-old girl and then claiming he was beyond censure due to his status as a cadre. A security camera caught the entire affair, undoing his career.