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Temporary worker

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临时工 (lín shí gōng): temporary workers

In China, temporary workers are often used as a convenient scapegoat when something goes wrong. For example, several sponsors of the The Backbone Award withdrew their sponsorship of the award claiming that their original support was granted by forged documents created by “temporary workers.” See here (Chinese).

When chengguan officers severely beat a street vendor, the incident was blamed on “temporary workers.” See here (Chinese).

When a building was wrongfully demolished, the incident was blamed on “temporary workers” even though similar illegal demolitions occur regularly in China. See here (Chinese).


"It was the temporary worker who forged these." -- reference to The Backbone Award scandal.


"Catch the person who started it!" Man seen shrugging off vests labeled "temporary worker."


The paddle labeled "pursuing those responsible" is about to smack down the chengguan who says, "It's him that's responsible" pointing to the dog labeled "temporary worker."


"Go ahead and ask who's responsible" The person in blue is labeled "temporary worker."


"It's all his fault!" The man walking the plank is labeled "temporary worker." Linshigong5.jpg

"It's the temporary worker who did this." -- "Law enforcement by violence."