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墙奸 (qiángjiān): wall-rape

Qiángjiān sounds the same as "rape" in Chinese. However, the characters are different; the first character, 强 (meaning "by force") is replaced by the character 墙 (meaning "wall"). Thus, the new term means that one has been screwed by the wall, meaning the Great Firewall. A humorous take on this is highlighted by this fictional error message found here:

   404错误! 404 Error!
   您访问的页面正在被墙奸或已经被墙奸, 我们也不希望被墙奸, 但毕竟还是被墙奸了. 别了… The page which you are visting is being GFWed or was permanently GFWed, we don’t want things happen this way, but it happened anyway. See you in another life…
Made up character that combines the characters for rape and wall.