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You understand

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你懂的 (nǐ dǒng de): you understand

Internet meme used to express mutual understanding of sensitive topics without having to mention the sensitive words. The phrase originates from online chatter about Li Yuchun.

Ever since winning China’s Super Girl competition in 2005, Li Yuchun (李宇春) has attracted a cult following. Famous for her singing, and perhaps more for her androgynous appearance, Li Yuchun has become the object of both online satire and adoring praise. Ms. Chun is sometimes referred to as “Brother Chun”.

Her popularity rose to such an extent that netizens began depicting her as a savior figure using Christian and Buddhist iconography. A popular saying at the time was, “Believe in Brother Chun and receive eternal life.”

In 2010, netizens began posting a series of comments that ended with “Brother, I’m sure you understand.” For example, “Brother, I have a test next week so I want to pay my respects to you. I’m sure you understand,” “My World of Warcraft account was hacked into, I still think there’s time for me to start believing in you. I’m sure you understand.”


Li Yuchun


People paying obeisance to Li Yuchun after the manner of giving respect to Daoist and Buddhist deities.


Half Mud-grass Horse half Li Yuchun.


Believe in Brother Chun and Receive Eternal Life.