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原词为党中央,网民用“裆中央”“挡中央”等词表示对中央的讽刺,并借此避免审查。 2009年著名艺术家艾未未发布了一幅“草泥马挡中央”的自身艺术图片,其中他手拿一直草泥马玩具挡住自己的裆部,以图释谐音表达了对共产党的讽刺。

Ai Weiwei holding a grass-mud horse stuffed animal over his crotch. Combining the obscenity “grass-mud horse” and Ai Weiwei’s action (blocking the center of his crotch), this image conveys the meaning, “Fuck you, Party Central Committee!”
This cover of Han Han’s short-lived magazine, Party, suggests the sentence “The Party Central Committee has guns.”