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Bureau of Dicking Around

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Bureau of Statistics spokesman Sheng Laiyun at a 2010 press conference. (Chen Jingchao/Xinhua)

Tǒngjī Jú 捅鸡局

Pejorative, homophonous nickname for the National Bureau of Statistics (Tǒngjì Jú 统计局), long criticized for providing unreliable data.

In a post in made in January 2012, Sina blogger Tan Haishi poked fun at the bureau for making the usual far-fetched claims about economic development:

National Bureau of Dicking Around Reports 2011 "Chicken Butt" Increased 9.2% from Previous Year~Haha~~

国家捅鸡局报告,2011年“鸡滴屁”比上年增长9.2%,很鼓舞人心啊~~哈哈~~ [Chinese]

"Chicken butt" is GDP (jī dī pì 鸡滴屁).

Amid Xi Jinping's crackdown on Party corruption, an investigation into director of the National Bureau of Statistics Wang Bao'an was announced. The announcement came just after Wang delivered a press conference on the state of China's economy in 2015, and is expected to do little to raise long-damaged public faith in official economic statistics.

As of January 28, 2016, “Bureau of Dicking Around” was blocked from search results on Sina Weibo.