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Taliban in spirit

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jīng Tǎ | 精塔

Parody of a red classic: "Without the Taliban, there would be no Afghanistan" (screenshot)

Snipe at Taliban sympathizers, arising in response to the Chinese government's tacit recognition of the terrorist organization as the legitimate governing body of Afghanistan.

In early August 2021, Taliban officials visited the city of Tianjin and met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who said that Beijing did not intend to "interfere" in Afghan affairs and that the future of the country "shall be placed in hands of the Afghan people." Weeks later, as the Taliban rushed to fill the void left by the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the People's Daily described the Taliban in a Weibo post as a group originating as "students in refugee camps" which later gained the "support of the poor." Both the post and a WeChat blog about the significant backlash to the People's Daily were soon deleted. A translation of Afghan filmmaker Sahraa Karimi's plea to the world to keep its attention on her country, particularly to the plight of women and girls, was also deleted from WeChat within hours of being posted.

Jīng Tǎ is a play on disses aimed at supposed fanatics for foreign forces, the Japanese in spirit (jīng Rì 精日) or American in spirit (jīng Měi 精美).

@Pneumatic丸: I doubt the Taliban is aware they have so many followers in China.[1]
@将来要当王百亿: Here's why they support the Taliban: the Americans struggled in Afghanistan for many years. The Taliban dragged the Americans down. And they firmly believe that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," which means the Taliban is our friend. It's either black or white. They simply don't have the humanitarian perspective to look at how terrorists have harmed this world.[2]
@野猪没长牙: Didn't the Taliban just drop by a few days ago? They are our old friends. What's to fear?[3]

Some observers believe that China is laying the groundwork to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate regime. In July 2021, a Taliban spokesperson called China a "welcome friend."

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