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<blockquote>您访问的页面正在被墙奸或已经被墙奸, 我们也不希望被墙奸, 但毕竟还是被墙奸了. 别了… </blockquote>
<blockquote>您访问的页面正在被墙奸或已经被墙奸, 我们也不希望被墙奸, 但毕竟还是被墙奸了. 别了… </blockquote>
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[[Category:Lexicon]][[Category:Censorship and Propaganda]]

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墙奸 (qiángjiān): wall-rape

“Wall-rape,” one of many satirical neo-graphisms.

What the Great Firewall does to some webpages outside of China. Sounds the same as “rape” (强奸 qiángjiān). In writing, the first character in “rape,” 强 (”strong”), is replaced by “wall” (墙).


404 Error!

The page which you are visiting is being or has been wall-raped. We don’t want to be wall-raped, but it happened anyway. Goodbye…


您访问的页面正在被墙奸或已经被墙奸, 我们也不希望被墙奸, 但毕竟还是被墙奸了. 别了…