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You understand

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你懂的 (nǐ dǒng de): you understand

Li Yuchun.
Paying respect to Li as one would a Daoist or Buddhist deity.
Half grass-mud horse, half Li Yuchun.
Believe in Brother Chun and receive eternal life.

Hint at sensitive topics as if one were addressing a higher power. The saying originates from chatter about Li Yuchun, 2005 winner of China’s Super Girl singing competition. Li attracted a cult following not just for her musical talent, but for her androgynous appearance. Li became the object of online satire and adoring praise. She is sometimes referred to as “Brother Chun” (春哥 Chūn Gē). She become so popular that netizens began depicting her as a savior figure using Christian and Buddhist iconography.

In 2010, netizens began posting a series of prayer-like comments invoking Brother Chun:

Brother, I’m going on a blind date tomorrow. You understand...


Brother, I heard you have real power. My probability test is tomorrow. You understand...


Over the years, “you understand” has become a verbal wink to fellow netizens, replacing reverence for Brother Chun’s omnipotence with respect for the reader’s power of comprehension:

@期待曙光168: Don’t get get too excited. The key thing is that President Xi’s prescription for the country demands a powerful, all-knowing executor—and that person is Old Hottie. You understand!


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