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Your mother forced this on us

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dōu shì nǐ mā bī de 都是你妈逼的

This phrase, which originates from a joke that went viral on the Internet, has been adopted by netizens for use when they feel unable to comment on something politically sensitive. They will say 妈逼的: mother (i.e., the Party) forced this on me (i.e., forced me to refrain from commenting). The phrase also carries an additional layer of subversive meaning: in Mandarin, “mother forced this” (妈逼的) sounds nearly the same as “your mother's cunt”.

The original joke involves a man and a woman who are rehearsing for a play:

Woman: It seems that the matter of our marriage has been forced upon us by your mother.


Man: Ha, the way I see it, it was your mother that forced it on us.


Woman: Your mother forced this on us, your mother forced this on us. It was your mother that forced this on us! [In Chinese this sounds like, “your mother's cunt, your mother's cunt.”]


Man: Mother-fucker! I’m not rehearsing any more! Which idiot wrote these lines?


A political variation of the joke further explains the phrase's contemporary usage:

Hu Zheteng (Hu Jintao): Oh Party, you are my dear mother!

胡折腾: 党啊,亲爱的妈妈!

Foreign exchange student passing by: The Party is your mother?


Hu Zheteng: That’s right. What about it?


Foreign exchange student: I hear that Google is going to pull out of China. Did your mother force them to do this? [Sounds like, “your mother's cunt.”]