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20 Social Networks for Lifelong Learners


by Jeff Cobb

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This is a guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer.


When most people think of social networks, they think of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or similar sites, but there are many other types of social networks popping up on the web. Some of the fastest growing networks are designed specifically for education. These sites allow people to learn in a social context through discussion, file sharing, and collaboration. Here are 20 social learning networks to visit in your spare time.

一提到社交网站,大部分人首先想到的是Facebook,MySpace, LinkedIn或其他一些类似的网站。然而网上还有很多其他类型的社交网站,其中一些迅速发展的网站是专门为教育设计的。在这些网站上,人们可以通过讨论,分享文章,合作等方式学习。在此提供20个社交学习型的网站供大家在闲暇之际登陆。

LearnCentral – LearnCentral is an open environment that is half social network and half learning community. The site can be used to create courses, host meetings, connect with other education enthusiasts, and find learning resource

LearnCentral – LearnCentral 是半社交半学习的开放环境。这个网站可以用来开设课程,召开会议,同其他教育爱好者联系交流,以及寻找学习资源。

Udemy – Udemy encourages members to teach and learn online using the site’s many free tools and applications. Members can create their own online courses or search for courses that have been created and posted by other people.

Udemy – Udemy 鼓励会员利用该网站上免费的工具和应用在线教和学。会员可以开设自己的在线课程,也可以搜索他人开设或上传的课程。

Academici – This web-based site for academics and knowledge workers makes it easy to network, collaborate, and conduct commerce online. Members can post articles, share resources, and much more.

Academici – 这个网站是为学术和知识工作者提供的,它使在线建立交流网,合作和从事商务变得很容易。会员可以上传文章,分享资源等等。

Academia.edu – Academia.edu is an online community that helps academics connect with colleagues and follow the latest research. Members can also share their own research and be notified when someone searches for them on Google.

Academia.edu – Academia.edu 是一个在线网络社区,专门帮助学术人员与同行们联系、了解最新研究信息。会员们也可以分享自己的研究,并且他们的研究也可以在谷歌上被搜索出来。

Campusbug – One of the original social learning networks, Campusbug provides students and lifelong learners with tools they can use to network and educate themselves on a variety of topics.

Campusbug – Campusbug 是最早的几个社交学习网站之一。它提供了很多学习工具,学生和终生学习者们可以利用这些工具在众多主题下进行网络交流和学习。

iMantri – iMantri is a peer-to-peer community for people who are seeking mentors or offering coaching in a particular area. Members can use the site’s tools to assess their competencies and find people who are either willing to help or in need of help.

iMantri – iMantri 是一个点对点的社区,它主要面向那些在某一领域寻找指导者或提供指导的人。会员可以利用该网站检测自己的能力,找出希望教或希望学的人。

Smart.fm – Smart.fm is an education platform and online community that relies on personalized learning algorithms to help people achieve their academic goals. The site helps users establish goals, create a study schedule, and track learning progress.

Smart.fm – Smart.fm 是一个教育平台和在线网络社区。它通过个性化的学习公式帮助人们达到学习目标。这个网站帮助用户建立学习目标,规划学习课程表,并记录学习过程。

Grockit – This online interactive learning environment uses social gaming technology and a Web 2.0 infrastructure to help students master academic skills and prepare for standardized tests. Grockit members can study alone or in groups.

Grockit – 这是一个互动的学习环境。它以Web 2.0为基础利用游戏科技帮助学生们掌握知识,准备考试。会员们可以选择单独学习或小组学习。

Loomagoo – Created by Students at Loyola University New Orleans, Loomagoo is a social network for students who want to share notes and other learning materials with each other. The site also allows students to buy and sell old textbooks and other school supplies.

Loomagoo – 由新奥尔良罗耀拉大学的学生们创办的Loomagoo 是一个学生用来分享笔记和其他学习资料的网站。学生们也可以在这个网站上买卖旧书或者学习用品。

wePapers – The goal of wePapers is to create the world’s largest online study group. Members can use the site to share knowledge, find lecture notes and study guides, and store papers and research work.

wePapers – wePapers 目的是建立世界上最大的在线学习团体。会员们可以在网站上分享知识,找寻笔记和学习指导,储存论文和研究项目。

Pronetos – Also known as the Professor’s Network, Pronetos welcomes academics of every discipline. Members can share papers and course materials, connect with other scholars, and locate recent field research.

Pronetos – Pronetos 也叫做 Professor’s Network, 欢迎各界的专业学者。会员可以分享论文和课题,同其他学者交流,着手于最新领域的研究。

We the Teachers – We the Teachers caters to educators but welcomes anyone who has an interest in learning or teaching. Members of this social network can share lesson plans and classroom resources as well as tools for creating games, puzzles, and other activities.

We the Teachers – We the Teachers 主要面向教育工作者,但是也欢迎任何对教、学有兴趣的朋友。会员可以分享教学计划和资源,以及组织游戏,猜谜和其他活动的小工具。

ResearchGate – ResearchGate is a professional network for scientists. The site has more than 400,000 members who collaborate using the site’s free applications. Members can also upload papers, share scientific news, read the latest publications, and search for job opportunities.

ResearchGate – ReasearchGare 是一个为科学工作者提供的专门性网站。它拥有40万多名会员。会员可以利用该网站的免费资源互相合作,还可以上传论文,分享科学新闻,阅读最新刊物,寻找就业机会等。

WiserEarth – WiserEarth is a social network for sustainability. Site features include community forums where members can collaborate or engage in discussion, an international directory of non-governmental and socially responsible organizations, and a classification of issues related to social justice and environmental restoration.

WiserEarth – WiserEarth 是倡导可持续发展的网站。它的特色包括会员们可以合作和参与讨论的论坛,全球非政府的社会组织名单, 有关社会公平和环境重建的问题分类。

WriterFace – This social network is intended for beginning writers, professional writers, and other people who simply have an interest in writing. WriterFace is also open to literary agents, editors, librarians, and anyone else who works in the media or publishing industry. Members can network with each other, market themselves, sell their work, and much more.

WriterFace – 该网站面向初级写作者,作家和其他任何对写作感兴趣的人。同时它也对文学机构,编辑,图书管理员和工作在媒体和出版领域的人。会员可以互相交流,推销自己,或出售自己的作品等等。

GoodReads – GoodReads is a social network for booklovers who want to share what they have been reading and get book recommendations from other people. Members can also form book clubs, play trivia games, and browse famous quotes.

GoodReads – GoodReads 是针对书籍爱好者的网站。在网站上,书籍爱好者可以分享他们阅读过的书目,得到其他人的好书推荐。会员也可以组建俱乐部,玩小游戏,浏览名言等。

Livemocha – Livemocha is the largest social network for language learners. The site has more than 6 million members who help each other learn English, Spanish, French, Hindi, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

Livemocha -Livemocha 是针对语言学习者的最大的社交网站。它拥有600万会员。会员们可以互相帮助学习英语,西班牙语,法语,北印度语,德语和汉语。

Busuu – Like Livemocha, Busuu is an online community for people who want to practice their language skills. Popular site features include an integrated video-chat-application, writing exercises that can be corrected by native speakers, review quizzes, and learning units. Busuu supports several languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Busuu – 同Livemocha类似,Busuu 也是面向希望练习自己的语言技能的人的在线社区。该网站比较受欢迎的特色有视频聊天,由说本族语的人改错的写作练习,复习小测验,和学习单元。Busuu 支持众多语言,包括英语,法语,德语,西班牙语,意大利语和葡萄牙语。

Brazen Careerist – Created for Gen Y professionals, this social site emphasizes professional networking but also provides members with the chance to learn how to create a resume, develop a base of solid contacts, showcase ideas, and manage their career.

Brazen Careerist – 主要面向于Y一代职业人士,该网站重视职业人士间的交流,同时为会员们提供机会学习如何制作简历,建立固定客户,发表观点,和管理工作。

Tutpup – Tutpup is an award-winning social learning network that allows young learners to come together online to play fun, educational games. The site is free of advertising and exceeds the information security and privacy requirements of the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Game categories include spelling, basic math, times tables, and algebra.

Tutpup – Tutpup 是曾得奖的社交学习网站。在该网站上,年轻人聚到一起在线玩有趣的教育游戏。这个网站上没有广告,并且其信息安全和隐私都高于美国儿童在线隐私保护法的标准。游戏种类有拼写,基础算术,时间表,代数。

This is a guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes for PharmacyTechnicianCertification.com.

这是由教育作家凯伦·施韦策提供的客人席位表。凯伦是About.com网站上商业学校的指导。她还为PharmacyTechnicianCertification.com 撰稿