Increasing Calls to Release Detained “A4” Protesters

Two months after the spontaneous nationwide protests that broke out in response to a deadly fire in Urumqi and draconian pandemic controls, an unknown number of peaceful protesters remain in detention on charges of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” or “gathering a crowd to disrupt public order.” Human rights groups and others have called for the release of the “A4” or “blank paper” detainees (so called because of the blank sheets of A4 paper used as protest signs during the gatherings), some of whom have been threatened, physically abused, or denied access to legal representation...

In this Spring Festival Gala, women are missing. Their labor is invisible; their image has been defined for them.”

— From a now-deleted post from the WeChat account 荡秋千的妇女 (Dang Qiuqian de Funu, or “Women on Swings”—a female writers’ collective) about the stereotyped and inadequate portrayals of women in the China Media Group’s annual Spring Festival Gala