Trump says he called Chinese President Xi a ‘king’ to his face

President Trump said Tuesday that he called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “king” during a 2017 visit to China, and that the communist leader “liked that.”

Trump shared the awkward story at a Republican dinner in Washington, as his administration seeks to secure a bilateral trade deal with China.

“I was in China making a speech,” Trump recounted to dinner guests. “President Xi, who is a strong man, I call him ‘king.’ He said, ‘But I am not king, I am president’. I said, ‘No, you are president for life, and therefore you are king.’ He said, ‘Huh. Huh.’ He liked that. I call him ‘king.’ I get along with him great.”


美国总统特朗普出席共和党活动,忆述 2017 年访问中国,会见国家主席习近平时,曾称呼他为皇帝(国王)。

“我叫他皇帝,他说‘但我不是皇帝,我是主席’,我说‘不,你是终身主席,所以是皇帝’,他喜欢我叫他皇帝,我跟他相处得很好……” (自由亚洲翻译)