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Get rice-drunk

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fàn zuì 饭醉

Getting rice-drunk at a same-city dinner gathering. (Source: FreeWeibo)

Discuss or engage with politically sensitive issues, usually as a group over a meal; homonymous with "commit a crime" (fàn zuì 犯罪).

The Chinese party-state is suspicious of a broad range of social activities, many of which are considered innocuous in other countries. Thus activists and government critics reclaim the sense of "committing a crime" when they "get rice-drunk" with like-minded people. The New Citizens Movement, spearheaded by Xu Zhiyong, encouraged Chinese citizens to organize "same-city dinner gatherings" (tóngchéng jùcān 同城聚餐) to discuss political and social issues; some activists call these gatherings "getting rice-drunk in the same city" (tóngchéng fàn zuì 同城饭醉).


Mayuqingfeng (@马玉清风): Rice-drunkards, empower yourselves by "coalescing common understanding among same-city citizens"! (April 28, 2013)


Beiwaiqiaomu (@北外乔木): Older Brother Yu Jianrong (@于建嵘) describes how the old proletariat novel "My Father Is a Crook" is being adapted into a film. In order to get it past the censors, show positive energy and the main theme, and correctly guide the youth, I suggest we change the name to "My Father Is a Secretary" (according to an alternate title for the book). I'll bring it up tonight when my friends come to the capital to get rice-drunk. (July 24, 2015)

@于建嵘 兄描写老一无(老一辈无产阶级革命家)的小说《我的父亲是流氓》正在改编拍摄电影。为了通过审查,展示正能量和主旋律,正确引导青少年,建议改名《我的父亲是书记》(根据异名小说《我的父亲是流氓》改编)。今晚友人来京,一起饭醉,我给他建议一下。[Chinese]