这篇因为苹果公司的App Store中国区,以“内容非法”为由下架禁书而特别写的说明,英文转自SFT(自由西藏学生运动)网站。我同时附上我的原文。(上图转自网络;下图是王力雄被下架的三部禁书,由苹果日报作)


Below is a statement written by Woeser in response to Apple’s removal of the Jingdian Shucheng book app from the App Store:

I was surprised to hear that not long ago an app that included three books written by my husband Wang Lixiong was withdrawn from Apple China’s app store. I felt deeply disappointed.

Wang Lixiong is an intellectual with independent spirit. All of his works, other than two titles, are banned in China. The most known ones among them are Yellow Peril, Sky Burial–The Fate of Tibet, and My West Land, Your East Country.

Yellow Peril was written around June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre before it was published in 1991. It is a novel of political forecasting, that describes China falling into a political, economic, cultural, demographic and environmental crisis that led to the collapse of the entire society. Flood of refugees fled to the borders and brought risks to the existence of the whole world and mankind.

On the other hand, Sky Burial–The Fate of Tibet and My West Land, Your East Country, are two books based on Wang’s multiple trips to Tibet and Xinjiang, where he conducted actual field research and analysis on issues of Tibet and Xinjiang.

Actually, both Han Chinese and Tibetans have spoken highly of Sky Burial-The Fate of Tibet. It was considered one of the most objective and cutting-edge work on Tibet issue.

Although Wang Lixiong’s banned publications are not available at bookstores and online in China, many Chinese readers are avid readers of these banned books. Their pirated versions were widely circulated. Many Chinese readers got to understand issues about Tibet and Xinjiang and their history, current situation and importance through his work. I actually got to meet him from reading Sky Burial.

It is encouraging to see banned books on the internet–a contribution of internet technology to mankind. The reason internet is so great is that it broke various kinds of boundaries, like a soaring bird, or a blooming flower. Intellectual thinking should not comply to authoritarianism. Symbols of technological advancement such as Apple should not yield to the Chinese Communist Party.

Unfortunately, through incidents like Wang Lixiong’s books being banned, we realized Apple had surrendered itself, like the old Chinese saying, ‘If you have money, you can make the devil push the millstone for you.’ I heard there is an English expression similar to that–Money makes the world go around.








遗憾的是,正如包括王力雄的禁书被苹果下架这一事件,让我们看到的是,曾经如风中招展自由旗帜的苹果,如今竟然自动降旗,俯首称臣,恰应了中国的一句老话:有钱能使鬼推磨。据说英语也有类似的谚语:Money makes the world go around,不知道用来形容苹果是否贴切。






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