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五不搞 (wǔ bù gǎo) five no's

Wu Bangguo lays out the “five no’s” at the 2011 National People's Congress. (Sina)

The “five no's” originated in a speech delivered to the 2011 National People's Congress (NPC) by Wu Bangguo, then chairman of the NPC Sanding Committee. Internet censors identified the term as sensitive in the lead-up to the 2013 NPC. They are:

  1. Do not make a system in which multiple parties govern in turn
  2. Do not diversify guiding ideologies
  3. Do not separate the “three powers” or create a bicameral system
  4. Do not federalize
  5. Do not privatize
  1. 不搞多党轮流执政
  2. 不搞指导思想多元化
  3. 不搞“三权鼎立”和两院制
  4. 不搞联邦制
  5. 不搞私有化

The 2011 NPC came after unrest in the Middle East and North Africa inspired some in China to attempt their own “Jasmine Revolution” with calls for liberal democracy. The government promptly cracked down on potential demonstration sites and detained online organizers.

Two years after Wu issued his edict, “five no's” was blocked on Sina Weibo, becoming a sensitive term in the lead-up to the 2013 NPC.

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