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Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon: Browse by Topic

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"I'm a grass-mud horse."

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Introduction to the Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon

The Grass-Mud Horse Ecosystem

  1. 70 KPH 70码
  2. bone brother 骨哥
  3. cloth chirp elephant 布鸣真象
  4. crazy grass-mud horse 狂草泥马
  5. crouching grass mud horse 卧草泥马
  6. elephant of truth 真象
  7. grass-mud horse 草泥马
  8. horse of deception 欺实马
  9. Mahler Desert 马勒戈壁
  10. monkey-snake 猴蛇
  11. mystical country 神奇的国度
  12. mythical creatures 神兽
  13. poison jackal 毒豺
  14. ridged carp-barbel 鲤冈鲃
  15. river crab 河蟹
  16. sheep calls to the beast 羊叫兽
  17. valley dove 谷鸽
  18. watered weasel ape 灌狸猿
  19. Yax Lizard 亚克蜥

The Great Firewall of China

  1. Chinternet
  2. chrysanthemum script 菊花文
  3. GFW Great Firewall of China
  4. The Great Chinese LAN (local area network) 局域网
  5. great wall 伟大的墙
  6. Hu Zhanfan couplet 胡占凡体
  7. kungfu Net 功夫网
  8. Mars script 火星文
  9. Microsoft 微软
  10. shouting font 咆哮体
  11. slight erection 微勃
  12. to scale the wall 翻墙
  13. wall crack condemn 墙裂(谴责)
  14. wall nation 墙国
  15. wall nation forum 墙国论坛
  16. wall raped 墙奸
  17. wall
  18. We have made a tough decision 做了一个艰难的决定


  1. blue father 蓝爸爸
  2. China’s Internet is open 中国的互联网是开放的
  3. disturbed 心神不宁
  4. fifty cents 五毛
  5. fifty cents honest 五毛谠
  6. Fifty Cent Party 五毛党
  7. filter tyrant, donkey father 滤霸, 驴爸
  8. give the people some tape 给人民一个胶带
  9. green dam girl 绿坝娘
  10. green father 绿爸爸
  11. how can we not speak out just because our voice is small 岂能因为声音微小而不呐喊
  12. reincarnate 转世
  13. Reposting is power 转发就是力量
  14. in town 镇上
  15. number five 五号
  16. surround and watch 围观
  17. surround and watch five cats 围观五猫
  18. This post to be deleted. Before it is deleted please leave your name. 此贴必删 删前留名
  19. The town of Jingde 景德镇
  20. use the Internet “scientifically” 科学上网
  21. sensitive porcelain 敏感瓷
  22. understand the motherland 了解祖国
  23. very erotic, very violent 很黄很暴力
  24. vulgar 低俗

The State-owned Media

  1. The Backbone Award 脊梁奖
  2. calamity TV 殃视
  3. CCAV China Central Adult Video
  4. disturbed 心神不宁
  5. the fabricator 胡编
  6. have you seen grandfather 见过大爷
  7. Lin imitates Yang’s voice 林貌杨音
  8. Muddled-Sh*t Times 混球屎报
  9. People's Daily Explosion 人民日爆
  10. Representative Rui 芮代表
  11. The Screwing People Post 日人民报
  12. very erotic, very violent 很黄很暴力