Thousands in HK protest march

Hundreds of thousands of people in took to the streets today to call for democracy, according to a BBC report.

In the lead-up to the protest, pro-Beijing groups tried to disrupt the plans: “There were attempts to scupper the march entirely, according to its organisers, the Civil Human Rights Front.

Computers hackers used one of the Front’s addresses to send out emails headed: ‘Urgent: July 1 rally will be postponed to July 4 due to bad weather,’ the group said.”

Former Legislative Council member Christine Loh wrote about the march in her Civic Exchange newsletter: “The mood at the rally today was a mixture of lightness, hope and resolve.

The significance of the 1 July 2004 rally is that Hong Kong has a people’s movement. The people want not only a better economy but also universal suffrage and for their views to be heard and respected by the authorities. ”

July 1, 2004, 8:28 AM
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