In China, New Journalism and New Threats

A report I recently wrote for the Committee to Protect Journalists, about media reforms and the increase in violence against journalists in China, has just been released. From the press release:

“In China’s tightly proscribed media environment, journalists have long faced censorship and imprisonment. But as the media in China become market-oriented-and as journalists report more aggressively on crime and corruption-they face a new danger: violent retribution from individuals or groups implicated in their reports… Private investment in the media is increasingly widespread, and several major official newspapers have launched tabloid-style dailies or weekend editions, often with private advertising revenue. As commercialization has grown, journalists have been encouraged to report more aggressively on stories such as crime, corruption, police brutality, and natural and man-made disasters… And, increasingly, the subjects of these investigative reports resort to violence in retaliation. ”

The full report is available in English and Chinese here.

August 24, 2004, 7:51 AM
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