Secrecy Veils China’s Jailing of a Journalist – Jim Yardley

The journalist has been held for 11 months because of the accusation that he leaked state secrets to his employer, The New York Times. As Jim Yardley writes in the NY Times:

The accusation, which Mr. Zhao and The Times deny, deprives a defendant in China of almost all rights. Mr. Zhao still has not had a court hearing. No public explanation has been given for his arrest. He is forbidden to see his family. His lawyer’s efforts to post bail were denied not by a judge but by the Ministry of State Security, the agency that arrested him.

Mr. Zhao, 43, who worked as a researcher for the newspaper’s bureau in Beijing, was no stranger to State Security when it picked him up last Sept. 17 at a Pizza Hut in Shanghai. His previous work as a muckraking journalist and rural activist earned him regular visits from agents and invited speculation that his past life was the reason for his arrest.

August 30, 2005 11:45 PM
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