(UPDATE) Makers of ‘The Promise’ to be fined for damage to Shangri-la — Reuters

A new development in the Shangri-la story from Reuters (link):

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China will fine the crew of the country’s most expensive movie, “The Promise” by Oscar-nominated director Chen Kaige, for damaging the environment in an area of outstanding natural beauty, state media said on Wednesday.

The producers neglected to carry out an environmental impact report and did not apply for permission to build roads and buildings around Bigu Lake in the south-western province of Yunnan, the Beijing Youth Daily and other newspapers reported.

Producer and director ’s wife, Chen Hong, has rejected the charges, saying the crew had left “enough money” for the local government to deal with the aftermath, according to state media reports last week.

Anger over Chen’s treatment of the area has apparently spawned an internet campaign demanding his resignation as art director for the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.

See also CDT’s post of a few days ago on the industry’s proposal for a “green production code.”

For background on this nearly year-old saga, go to the extensive report last August by Yin Hongwei in Nanfengchuang (translated here by EWSN with pictures of trash and buildings the film crew left scattered around Bigu Lake).

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May 17, 2006 10:54 AM
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