Tibetan Shepherds Welcome Climate Change – Richard Spencer

The Telegraph reports on one group who does not share recent alarm over global warming:

Wtibet15BWhile much of the world worries about the impact of , for these hardy Himalayan shepherds, battling the elements in the world’s highest mountains, a gentler climate can only be good news.

“Yes, it’s definitely getting warmer,” said Tsawang Dumi, 56, a Tibetan shepherd watching over a flock of 60 sheep and goats amid the winter snows of a Himalayan hillside. “Fewer animals died of the cold this winter.”…

The glacier that falls from its peak has shrunk by nine per cent in recent years. “I have heard of global warming, though I don’t really understand what it means,” said Tashi, 30, another shepherd, watching his sheep lower down the mountainside. [Full text]

February 15, 2007, 11:22 AM
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