China and Japan in Delicate Minuet to Ease Deep Diplomatic Tensions – Norimitsu Onishi


From the New York Times (photo: Wen at Japanese parliament, via AFP):

Shortly after Mr. Wen’s arrival, he and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks and issued a statement that promised, in general, to increase cooperation in economic, energy, environmental and military matters.

“Both countries support each other’s peaceful development, and will enhance political trust between the two countries,” the statement read.

Mr. Wen is the first Chinese prime minister to visit Japan in nearly seven years. Mr. Abe went to Beijing shortly after becoming prime minister last fall, making the first public move to defuse tensions between the nations, traditional rivals. [Full text]

– BBC News’ Wen’s measured address to Diet, Japan’s divisive ‘comfort women’ fund, Japan and China: Schoolchildren’s views:

I’m a huge fan of Japanese horror movies, they are simply fantastic. Like that movie, The Ring. There was a Japanese and an American version, but they are just not comparable. The Japanese one is so much better.

I still feel that the Japanese government isn’t right. They shouldn’t be so hypocritical regarding history; they just keep denying the facts. I can never forgive them. No matter how good their comics are, how strong their technology is, this history will not fade away.

I think China is important for Japan. We are neighbours, lots of Japanese people travel there on holiday and trade between the two countries is becoming more and more important.

At school I learnt that Japan went to war with China for money. I think that was really bad. It was Japan who did most of the bad things.

April 12, 2007 9:29 AM
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