China Denies Vice Premier Death – Courier Mail

Phoenix Television and other media report that Vice Premier has died, though the Chinese government quickly denied the reports and later apologized. From the Courier Mail:

“It is our understanding that news regarding comrade Huang Ju’s death is totally unfounded,” an official with the cabinet spokesman’s office said.

State television and radio made no mention of Mr Huang’s condition, despite months of speculation over his health and recent widespread rumours that he was in critical condition.

…Phoenix reported the news in an on-screen ticker and said it had no further updates.

The network later said its earlier report was a “rumour”, and an announcer later apologised on the air. [Full text]

– See also “Secrecy over Chinese leader reflects ruling party paranoia” from AFP and “A dignified political death?” from Richard Spencer’s blog.

May 9, 2007 10:20 AM
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