Pollution Dangers Cast Shadow over 2008 Olympics – Hilmar Schmundt

In , where doctors advise exercising indoors, experts are concerned about the potential effects of the city’s on athletes competing in the 2008 Olympics. From Spiegel Online:

0,1020,904804,00Escaping to the relative comfort of a car’s interior won’t be an option for those traveling to Beijing in August 2008, when more than 10,000 athletes will compete in the Olympic Games in one of the world’s dirtiest cities. China has promised what it calls “Green Games,” but its pollution figures suggest the more grayish hue of smog and pollution. “The athletes could be exposed to unhealthy air pollution unless there is a substantial reduction in emissions,” warns David Streets of the Argonne National Laboratory in the United States, the principal author of an article on the subject in the professional journal Atmospheric Environment. [Full text]

The article includes a slideshow.

June 28, 2007 1:46 PM
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