EU Is Prepared to Send China Tough Message on Product Safety – Jason Leow

From the Wall Street Journal:

The European Union’s product-safety chief said she is prepared to block China’s access to the European markets for unsafe goods if the country doesn’t take firm steps to pull up its manufacturing standards.

After touring a national toy-testing center and a doll factory Wednesday, Meglena Kuneva said that she was prepared to send a tough message to China, but also was mindful that Chinese regulators have signaled a willingness to work with her to fix its rampant product safety problems. “Our first option is partnership,” she said. But as a “last resort” she was ready to give “no access to our markets,” which could ban a wider array of goods than those specifically recalled. [Full Text]

See also the International Herald Tribune article.

[Image: Meglena Kuneva inspects a toy factory, from the Wall Street Journal.]

July 25, 2007 11:22 AM
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