Business As Usual for Mattel in Dusty South China – James Pomfret

www.reuters.com3.jpg From Reuters:

Thousands of young Chinese toymakers dressed in pink and blue Mattel T-shirts spill from the U.S. toy goliath’s factories in Guanyao after an 11-hour overnight shift, as the dawn shift took their place.

Street hawkers on motorbikes sell warm soy milk, steaming buns and noodles to the throng wanting a quick snack before heading back to their crowded dormitories. “I’m so exhausted I could die,” said a 19-year-old worker from Hunan who had spent the night attaching hair to “3,000 (Barbie) dolls” in her factory. Her six-day working week earns her around 1,000 yuan ($132) a month, far more than she would earn at home. [Full Text]

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[Image: A contract manufacturer in China for , from Reuters]

August 3, 2007, 1:00 PM
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