Chinese War Film “Assembly”


A new Chinese commercial , directed by popular director Feng Xiaogang, just came out in Beijing. From Xinhua:

The film is based on a true story: a company of soldiers were ordered to fight until they heard the call to . But the call never came and everybody died, except one. Years later, the lone survivor started searching for the remains of his fallen comrades, trying to prove that they all died as real heroes. [Full Text]

According to CCTV: “The first day box office of the film hit a high of 15 million yuan, or about 2 million US dollars.”

Here is the full length film on Chinese video sharing site, English subtitle provided.

The high profile of this officially promoted film also invited online mockery from netizens. The following clip is from the famous Back Dorm Boys (后舍男生): No Fighting in the Office.

December 24, 2007 3:30 PM
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