Sobbing Without Tears – Bob Chen

Global Voices translates a bbs post about the struggles of residents of -plagued Province:

Carrying-Water-From-Far-SwayOn 15th December, a post named “the investigation of drought in Northwestern, Lanzhou region” appeared in Skyline (, 天涯). The writer Manbaqi(八旗) recorded his five-day research in Lanzhou district, Gansu province, part of the Yellow River drainage area. Over 40 pictures and his sincere appeal for people’s concern put the post under focus.

The Yellow River area, especially the “central plain”(íÜå¥) has long been honored as the cradle of Chinese. However, Gansu province, which used to be a grassy, lush land, also a part of midland, has been gradually drained over history due to the climatic change and overgraze. Today, the land ,especially the mountainous region is tightly associated with drought. [Full text]

[Image via Global Voices]

December 19, 2007 11:53 AM
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