Nepal Police Crackdown on Tibetan Protest in Front of Chinese Embassy

Police and Tibetan protesters clashed yesterday in Katmandu, , home to thousands of , reported the Associated Press.

Police armed with bamboo sticks stopped a protest by Tibetan refugees and monks in front of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal on Tuesday and arrested about 100 participants.

Police officers stopped the protesters at the gate of the fortified compound and tried to push them away from the area. When the demonstrators refused to leave, the officers shoved some 100 protesters into vans and trucks and drove them to detention centers. About 50 more protesters ran away.

Tibetans have been protesting near refugee camps or near the United Nations’ office in Katmandu since March 10, but this was the first anti-Chinese rally near the Chinese Embassy.

Nepal considers China an ally and ordered the police to squash any anti-Chinese statements.

March 25, 2008 10:15 AM
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