Diagnosing the Current Situation in Tibet

An English translation of a 2006 interview with Tibetan writer Woeser, conducted by writer Namlo Yak, has been posted on the Tibet Writes blog:

Q: What is your current situation? [Note: The interview was conducted in 2006]

: A few years ago, in one of my books I wrote: “My writing has become clearer, unequivocal. I will be a witness. I will be looking for, discovering, revealing and spreading a secret, which will be astonishing”. This is the expectation I have.

“Speaking the truth” is a basic requisite for being an author but today, in my situation, I have to pay for it. For example, after I published my essay collection “ Notes”, I was punished in many ways, which directly affected my right to survive, so I had to leave Lhasa to become an independent author outside of that political structure. On the one hand I feel relatively free now not to have to obey any official will, on the other hand, as I have had to leave Lhasa, I feel I have somehow become a refugee; it has made me very sad.

May 7, 2008 11:58 AM
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