Photos of August 4 Kashgar Attack; Fears of Crackdown in Xinjiang

In a story about fears of a post-Olympics crackdown in , the AP attached graphic photos they have obtained reportedly of the aftermath of the attack on police in Kashgar on August 4. See the photos here. From the AP report:

“After the Olympics, the government will waaaaah!” said the Muslim businessman, grimacing and using his hands to make a gesture as if he were strangling someone. He would only give part of his name, Enwer, because he feared arrest if caught talking to a reporter about the issue.

Residents and human rights groups fear the Chinese government will crack down after the Olympics to punish Xinjiang for three deadly breakouts of violence this month, including an attack that killed 16 police officers. The assaults, which claimed 31 lives, came as China was trying to use the Olympics to present itself as a modern, powerful and harmonious nation.

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August 21, 2008 10:43 AM
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