Factory Owners Protest for Payment of Debts

We have read a lot about the rising numbers of protests by laid-off factory workers in China. But today in , the owners of small and medium-sized businesses protested to demand government help against larger companies that owe them money. From AP:

Those who joined Friday’s demonstration said they owned or worked at businesses that supplied parts to Dongfang Redpower Electronics Co. Ltd., which makes DVD, audio and GPS systems for cars.

One of the protest leaders, Zhang Ruimei, said that the company owes its suppliers 90 million yuan ($13.14 million) but the owners have skipped off to Hong Kong.

Zhang said the group had also protested outside Redpower’s factory in the township of Hengli in the nearby city of Dongguan on Wednesday, but police broke up the demonstration with clubs and tear gas. She said a dozen people were hurt.

December 5, 2008, 1:20 PM
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