Charity Gives Migrant Workers Train Tickets & Cash

A in China is raising funds to pay for – the first to suffer as the economy falters – to return home for Chinese New Year. ChinaSMACK has translated the news and Internet comments and posted photos:

I have previously seen an advertisement in the Nanfang Daily newspaper, saying there were good-hearted people in Guangzhou [province], Shenzhen helping migrant workers without the money to return home [for Chinese New Year/Spring Festival] by providing them with train tickets, cash, etc., and I also helped by making a post [on the internet] about it. The day before yesterday, they finally arrived in Dongguang. I saw them, it was very lively, but a pity I did not bring my camera to capture it. The pictures are reposted from another BBS discussion forum. I hope this kind of thing can happen more, so our lives can be full of warmth and caring

January 8, 2009 12:08 PM
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