China Unveils Detailed Public Hospital Reform Measures

Chinese health Minister Chen Zhu announced a revamping of how public work as part of national measures. From China Daily:

He specified, under the reform plan, the government will be responsible for giving subsidies to build public hospitals’ infrastructure. Money will also be spent on purchasing big medical apparatus, key academic research, doctor training and covering health care costs for retirees.

The government will also give special subsidies to hospitals providing public health services such as disease prevention, inoculation and health education.

“The plan will tilt in favor of hospitals specializing in epidemic diseases, vocational diseases, psychiatry, traditional Chinese medicine, maternity and pediatrics,” Chen said, suggesting those institutions would be eligible for more funding under the reforms.

At heart of the reform will be changes on how hospitals should make money.

Read also an AP report.

January 9, 2009 12:17 PM
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