Sexual Harrassment Defined for the First Time in Beijing

Danwei translates a report from The Beijing News on amendments to the Law on Protection of Women’s Rights, which would define for the first time:

Using a mobile phone to send “yellow [pornographic] material” can possibly constitute as sexual harassment now. Yesterday morning, in Beijing new additions were made to the law for the Protection of Women’s Rights; now language, letters, pictures, electronic information, and physical conduct can all be cause for sexual harassment towards women. This is the first time that Beijing has defined the situations in which sexual harassment can happen in Beijing.

It is understood that “electronic information” basically means text messaging. The specific dividing line [of what is considered sexual harassment] will be decided during real situations. The director of the Law Department in Beijing Zhou Jidong (周继东) said that these actions were taken so that women will have a better idea of self-protection.

Also added into the draft was the responsibility of the work place in preventing sexual harassment.

May 22, 2009 12:26 PM
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