US PC Makers in ‘Stolen Code’ Row

A California software company is asking U.S. computer makers not to ship PCs with the Youth Escort software, claiming that it contains pirated code from their own CyberSitter program.  Maggie Shiels reports for BBC:

A California company is considering legal action to prevent computers being shipped to China with what it says is stolen internet blocking software.

Solid Oak said it found pieces of its CyberSitter programme in China’s Green Dam Youth Escort screening software.

[…]Solid Oak’s Brian Milburn said “We’re contacting Dell, HP and others to stop compromised material being shipped.”

“If China had gotten hold of free pirated copies of Microsoft’s Windows and told Dell and HP to put this on all computers you ship, you would hear a loud outcry. China has a very loose interpretation of what is intellectual property,” said Mr Milburn.

June 16, 2009, 2:23 PM
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