American and China Pledge to Study Energy-Efficient Building Practices

The New York Times reports on the recently-concluded visit to China by U.S. Energy Secretary and Commerce Secretary :

The United States energy secretary, Steven Chu, concluded his first official visit to Beijing on Thursday with a memorandum of understanding with Chinese officials for joint studies on ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, the latest in a series of incremental steps to address China’s contribution to .

Mr. Chu and the United States commerce secretary, Gary Locke, had said Wednesday that the main purpose of their trip was to start building a relationship with their Chinese counterparts, not to forge broad agreements on climate issues or energy policy.

Mr. Chu and Mr. Locke both said on Thursday afternoon that after speaking with senior Chinese officials, they were confident China shared the desire of the United States to address global warming. “We both recognize it’s a long journey,” Mr. Chu said.