Chinese Police Accused of Killing Suspect in Search of Confession

The Guardian reports on the death of a suspect in police detention:

Junior officers have claimed that a senior official told his men to “use violence to control violence” before they interrogated Wan. The official denied the allegation.

Local press have also reported claims that heavy publicity surrounding the case – concerning the deaths of six people at a Nanchang hospital – had increased pressure for a result. An unnamed official said a senior officer promised that whoever solved it would be acclaimed as a “second grade hero and model”.

According to prosecutors, during the interrogation police hung Wan upside down, punched him, shocked him with stun guns and beat him with sticks as they interrogated him – stopping only when they realised he was not breathing. He died of damage to the heart and lungs due to the severe beatings.

July 2, 2009 1:36 PM
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