China Urges US to End Coast Surveillance

The Financial Times reports:

China has called on the US to phase out its military surveillance missions close to the Chinese coast, in Beijing’s clearest indication so far that it will not tolerate American dominance indefinitely in an area it views as its strategic sphere of influence.

The remarks came after two days of negotiations on maritime safety between military officials from both sides following a series of confrontations between US and Chinese ships in waters off the Chinese coast earlier this year.

“The way to resolve China-US maritime incidents is for the US to change its surveillance and survey operations policies against China, decrease and eventually stop such operations,” Xinhua, the official news agency, quoted the Ministry of National Defence as saying.

Washington has made public six incidents in the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea in which it said Chinese ships harassed US vessels in a way that risked the safety of both sides.

August 27, 2009 12:33 PM
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