Girl in Black at Obama’s China Meet a Hit Online

A student in attendance at one of President Obama’s visits in China has created an internet sensation:

ObamaGirlShe has become China’s version of the “Obama Girl”, as online forums gushed over her beauty and poise. Photos of her taking off her coat in slow motion have been uploaded and spread widely.

Even a week after Obama left China, the buzz about Wang is still going strong. The official newspaper China Daily reported on Thursday that Google searches for “Obama girl in red coat” in China turned up nearly 7 million results… But this Obama girl has been a reluctant celebrity. After Wang’s identity was unearthed by persistent Internet admirers, she broke her silence this week on her blog.

Wang urged netizens to stop delving into her personal life. “I don’t want to be popular in this way,” she said on her blog. This brief bout of celebrity has “totally disturbed my study and life,” she wrote.

From the China Daily:

As of Wednesday, ’s blog clocked more than 1.3 million hits.

On Tuesday, the Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate was forced to quell the online heat building up over her attractive appearance at the US president’s speech at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on Nov 16.

Wang titled a blog entry “What has President Obama brought to me?” and pleaded netizens to stop talking about her personal life.

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November 28, 2009 8:08 PM
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