Chinese Netizens Make Fun of NYT Google Hacking Report

From Xinhua:

A report claiming cyber attacks on Google and other firms originated from two Chinese educational institutions is being jeered at by Chinese netizens… The New York Times reported that unidentified security investigators traced the attacks to computers at (SJTU) and , which the report alleged has ties to the Chinese military.

The report attracted great attention from Chinese netizens. Many laughed at the suggestion that a simple vocational school, which mainly offers courses like cooking, auto repair, hairdressing and basic computer skills classes, had the capacity to stage the cyber attacks.

“The news is doomed to be a joke,” netizen Jinse Xueguang said.

“A vocational school being used as camouflage for military-sponsored hacker training camp. Am I reading a science fiction?” said another netizen azydn.

February 21, 2010 11:50 AM
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