Tianjin Bus Attack Kills 9, Injures 11

Danwei translates an article from The Beijing News about a deadly attack in in which the assailant commandeered a bus and drove it into traffic and pedestrians, killing nine:

The local government has affirmed that yesterday morning in Tianjin’s CBD are there occurred a malicious bus attack incident, the suspect Zhang Yimin (张义民) drove a bus down on many roads hitting and rolling people over. At present there are 9 dead, and 11 injured. The injured includes 4 police.

According the new Binhai (新滨海) district government, at 8 in the morning, the deputy manager of the public utilities company under Tianjin T&B Co. Ltd, Zhang Yimin, and manager surnamed Li got into a disagreement. Zhang used a knife to stab the other and hijacked the company bus, which had “津AB-6398” as its license plate number, driving out of the company compound and continuously knocking people down in the traffic of the CBD area.

These people were driving cars, they were passengers, pedestrians and people directly in contact with the traffic.

February 2, 2010 2:34 PM
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