Chinese Protestor Throws Ink at Portrait of Chairman Mao

The Telegraph reports:

“At around 13:35pm, April 5 2010, a man was put under control after he threw a plastic bottle of ink towards the Tiananmen gate tower,” the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed in a statement faxed to The Telegraph.

The audacious attack echoes the 1989 protest when three young men threw ink-filled eggs at the portrait in a gesture of defiance against China’ Communist ruling party that resonated around the world.

The three men, Lu Decheng, Yu Zhijian, and Yu Dongyue, received some of the harshest sentences in the crackdown that followed the violent crushing of the , being jailed for 16 years, 20 years and life respectively.

Police identified the latest protester as a “Mr Chen” from the northeastern province of Heilongjiang who had come to Beijing to “raise individual issues”.

April 7, 2010, 10:07 PM
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