Beijing to Enclose Villages in Security Move

Following the gating of Daxing, Changping is the latest Beijing district to enforce the “” policy. “” is controversial for enclosing and monitoring majority migrant worker-populated villages at night. From China Daily:

The Changping district official maintained the plan to wall villages was “not a complete shutdown”, saying all residents, who possess either Beijing household registrations or temporary residential permits will be issued special passes to freely enter and exit their villages.

However, those currently staying in the villages on a temporary basis will have to first apply for valid Beijing residence permits before they are issued the passes, the official added.

Outsiders visiting people in the villages will have to register their names and purpose of visit at the entrances before they are allowed inside, he said.

Changping district has long been faced with security problems arising from the rapidly increasing floating population, he said.

In the district’s Tiantongyuan and Huilongguan areas, the 275,000 floating residents have far outnumbered the 60,000 permanent ones.

But Changping cannot simply follow Daxing’s plan, for the situations in both districts are different and require different solutions, the official noted.

Read more about sealed management via CDT.

July 30, 2010 8:39 PM
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