China Traffic Jam Vanishes Overnight?

The Christian Science Monitor gives an update on the traffic jam which clogged up roads north of Beijing for twelve days straight:

The China jam that clogged over 60 miles along Beijing-Tibet highway for almost two weeks between Beijing and Hebei province has “vanished,” according to reports from MSNBC and the French news agency, AFP.

“Virtually overnight, local authorities had managed to disperse the congestion,” writes Adrienne Mong of MSNBC. “By the time we reached the area, all we encountered were the garden-variety traffic jams here and there.”

AFP reporters also ventured the 260 kilometers to inspect the congested zone and “did not encounter anything but intermittent traffic jams at toll booths.”

If the reports are accurate, does this mean smooth sailing for travelers along China’s G110 National Expressway from now on?

Not likely.

Not with production in Inner Mongolia steadily on the rise and a growing appetite for it in Beijing, not with construction on the G110 highway set to continue until at least mid-September, and not with this being the second of such bizarre incidents in the same region in two months.

August 26, 2010 11:02 AM
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