Anal Rape Remains Unidentified by Law

Global Times reports on a recent case in China that brought to light the problems with the legal definition of rape:

A 42-year-old security guard was sentenced to one year behind bars for “injuring” an 18-year-old after raping him last year, Chaoyang district court revealed Tuesday, a case that exposes the absence of law defining anal as a in China, according to experts.

Zhang Hua (pseudonym) sexually assaulted his colleague Li Jun (pseudonym) in the dormitory of a Chaoyang fitness club where they both worked on the night of May 9. The court withheld names and certain details because the case involved a minor.

After a medical exam undergone by Li the following day revealed anal wounds, identified as “minor injuries,” he filed a report with police, who then arrested Zhang the next day, according to the court.

Although Zhang admitted to sexually assaulting Li, since there are no laws that define rape or sexual assault committed between men as a crime on the Chinese mainland, the court sentenced Zhang to compensate the victim 20,000 yuan ($3,036) and one year in jail for “committing intentional injury” in September.

January 5, 2011 11:38 PM
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