China Online Media Say Stealth Fighter Makes First Flight

China’s first stealth fighter has apparently made its first flight, according to to Chinese media reports. From Reuters:

The reports on Chinese blog and media sites, including at least one hosted by a state-run newspaper, could not be verified by Reuters.

They showed pictures of a fighter plane in flight, and some offered what were cast as running accounts of the jet fighter taking off after midday local time for a short flight from an airport in Chengdu in southwestern China.

The website of the Global Times, a popular Chinese newspaper owned by the People’s Daily — the ruling Communist Party’s main paper — featured a brief report headlined, “J-20 first flight successful”, with a link to what it said were pictures of the flight (here).

The claims of a successful test flight for the advanced fighter come while U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visits Beijing, seeking to improve often tense ties.

January 11, 2011, 12:22 AM
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